Services covering the City of Greater Dandenong, City of Casey and Cardinia Shire

Mission Australia

Mission Australia is a national non-for profit community service organisation with more than 155 years' experience in standing together with Australians. We support young people, families, adults and communities to access the same opportunities, resources and social connections that most of us take for granted. In the City of Casey and Greater of Dandenong areas, we foster collaboration with the local community to help vulnerable people with Disability, such as Depression, Anxiety or other physical limitations and any addictions (eg. Drug and Alcohol), to get their life back on track through case management, financial assistance, employment opportunities and ongoing support.

Service Address: 29B Langhorne St, Dandenong VIC

Phone: 1300 883 067

Agency Services

Disability Employment Management - DES DMS

Mission Australia provides Free Employment Support with compassion and perseverance to help vulnerable people with a Disability, Injury, Health Issue, Mental Illness, Trauma, Learning Challenges, Physical Limitations and Addictions. Mission Australia is able to use its extensive network of employers and community relationships to place jobseekers into meaningful, suitable and sustainable employment and will continue to offer in-work support for a minimum of 12 months (or more when needed). Further assistance includes resume writing, job searching, interview preparation, interview clothes, contact local employers, gain access to work experience and work trials, wage subsidies to employers (eligibility criteria), modification of work areas (when required) and much more. Life can be difficult without a job and Mission Australia, a national Charitable non-for profit organisation, is here to help clients and their family (No waitlist). Mission Australia is also open to referrals and collaboration with the local community. Andrea Savarin - Community Engagement Coordinator - 1300 883 067 or 0490 889 404

Contact: 1300 883 067

Provided by: Mission Australia

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